Peter Baron– The Magic of Micro-Moment Marketing

The Enrollment Management Association’s Peter Baron, national thought leader and communications guru, will kick off Aim High 2019 with a new, smart way of looking at marketing (first identified by Google), letting audience behavior drive your communications plan, especially for prospective families. Peter will define micro-moments and profile today’s buying audience and how to craft content and harness and deliver your key messages for impact across all digital platforms.

Lauren Castagnola & David Tuttle– The Dream Team: Developing a Dynamic Communications and Admissions Partnership

The working relationship between the communications office and the admissions office is critical. But all too often, these teams are not in sync. Lauren Castagnola and David Tuttle will teach key skills to build positive team dynamics and effective work-flow processes, all while having fun, building the admissions funnel and achieving revenue goals.

Lauren Castagnola– Mix It Up! Discover the Best Digital and Print Marketing Mix for Your School

Should you be focusing on email or direct mail? Are viewbooks dead? What is the latest social media platform to reach families? All these questions can make finding your ideal marketing mix a struggle. Lauren Castagnola teaches you how to cut through the noise and embrace your school’s messaging by applying new digital marketing platforms, revitalizing old channels, and utilizing analytics to make solid decisions.

Carol Cheney– Dare to be Honest! (BYO) Magazine Tune Up

Print magazines are here to stay, but they have to be good to be read, and they have to be read to be worth your investment. Don’t let your magazine be a grown-ups’ yearbook. Learn how to critique your magazine for content that aligns with your institutional message, audience interests and good photojournalism. You will do some hands-on red penning of your magazine, measuring it against Carol Cheney’s choice of good and bad examples.

Ken Mason– Managing Marketing and the Marcom Office Workload

Demands on and expectations of independent school marketing and communications directors have increased exponentially, but resources and direction are limited. How can you keep your sanity and still get it all done, when more and more is asked of you and your team? Ken Mason provides valuable tips and tools focused on returning to marketing principles, getting schoolwide buy-in, and achieving results through good planning and resource management.

Adam Olenn– Web-slinging Without a Supervillain

Your website is a tool with a specific purpose—or rather, it should be. Too often, school websites resemble a Swiss army knife, with so many attachments that it no longer fits in your pocket, which defeats the whole purpose. Learn from Adam Olenn how to make your website get the job done without sowing political discord throughout your organization.

Adam Olenn– Ready, Action! Making Great Video on Your Budget

There’s no doubt that video is the most effective communication tool in the 21st century–if it’s done right. Adam Olenn’s session will teach you the basics of narrative structure, composition, and audio recording–and send you home with shopping lists to fit a variety of budgets so you can make great films no matter what level of financial support you enjoy.

David Thiel– Driving Culture and Strategy through Communication

Faced with the constant need to produce externally-facing materials, we sometimes forget about the internal communications that fuel and enrich organizational alignment, increase agility, and bring mission focus. David Thiel will discuss internal systems and structures that align what you advertise with what your students actually experience.