Production Director

Beth Lyons has worked in the graphic design and production field in Greater New Haven for her entire career — as communications director for the New Haven YWCA; as an independent and/or staff designer for publishers, advertising and art agencies and nonprofit organizations; and as production manager for the New Haven Independent newspaper — before joining Cheney & Company in 1993.

At Cheney & Company, Beth works with the art director on the design and layout of client projects, manages scheduling and traffic, and is liaison to the company’s printing partners. Among her skills are project organization and management, and the design and presentation of technical information: her work on the Greenhill School summer catalog helped the book win a Higher Education Marketing Award in 2013.

Beth holds a BA in human relations (psychology and sociology) from Earlham College (IN). Her leisure-time design has focused on quilting: she has made Sudoku and jigsaw puzzle quilts as well as several incorporating Morse code, poetry and Braille elements. She is a volunteer baby cuddler at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.