Who’s In Charge of Your Message?

Posted on Jul 12, 2019 in Blog, Insights

The ability to rate quality of programs and value of your offerings has increased exponentially with the growth of social media and ranking sites. It’s too late to sit around freaking out because you aren’t in control of your message anymore… Or are you? Take a look at the communications channels you can take charge of and others you can support to broadcast consistently excellent impressions of your school.

Controllable channels

  • Campus signage
  • Telephone system and protocols
  • Admission office contacts and publications
  • Ambiance of the buildings and grounds
  • Food
  • Website and email
  • Handbooks/directories
  • Newsletter/magazine
  • Calendar
  • Report cards/comments
  • Teacher/adviser contacts
  • Homework
  • School response to parent questions
  • Development office contacts
  • Billing and other business office contacts
  • Letters from head
  • Open house experience

Channels that can be influenced

  • Social media
  • Carpool line
  • School newspaper
  • Yearbook
  • School-generated “stories” for media
  • Parent Association activities
  • One’s own students and classmates
  • Events that invite the greater community to visit or learn more about the school

Independent channels

  • Media-generated stories about your school
  • Observations by in-school volunteers
  • Opinions voiced by other parents
  • Website reviews/blogs

Live your mission and talk the talk. And what you can’t control will be balanced out by deliberate brand management.