E-News or E-Snooze

Posted on Mar 3, 2016 in Blog, Fundamentals

Digital communications are an important part of your school’s marketing mix. With parents and alumni accustomed to doing almost anything on their handheld devices, now more than ever, your school needs to be communications savvy.

Electronic newsletters can be an effective way to connect with these important audiences. Well-timed, thoughtful newsletters keep your school community apprised of campus events and alerted to important information. Highlighting faculty and students achievements builds pride.

Many website management systems offer templated e-newsletters based on the design of your website. If that is not an option for your school, you can check out Constant Contact and MailChimp for cost-effective options.

Here are some important tips for keeping your e-newsletter in tip-top shape:

  • E-newsletters are an extension of your brand. Just as your admissions materials, magazine and alumni communications trumpet your school’s brand, your e-newsletter should do the same. Be sure your logo is not fuzzy and your color scheme is correct. Fonts should be standard to your other printed materials.
  • Content is king. Deliver what your audience is looking for. Tailor your message to your audience and keep content short for easy consumption. And don’t be afraid to repeat content from your website and social media posts. News items and event notices can have a long shelf life for multiple platforms.
  • Photos are content, too. They help you tell your story, so be choosy and display pictures that are relevant and eye catching.
  • Frequency and consistency are important. Committing to a fantastic e-newsletter is the first step. But keeping to a consistent schedule is the key to success. Current parents will want to hear from the school more often than alumni. Decide on your publishing schedule and stick to it if you want to make a lasting impression.
  • Ask for feedback. The key to content is knowing what your audience wants to hear from you—ask for feedback. An annual, 5-question survey can set priorities and keep your content audience-relevant. Staying attuned to your audiences will make them feel loved.

Electronic newsletters can seem like just one more ongoing task to manage. But the pay-off is great. With good planning and a stream of compelling stories, your e-newsletter can become one of your best ambassadors. Carol’s alma mater, Laurel School, produces a fabulous e-newsletter.

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