Is Your Speech on Message?

Posted on May 27, 2017 in Blog, Musings

The school year end means graduation, reunion, prize day, and other celebrations that call for speechifying, and these moments are golden opportunities to reinforce your school’s brand promise. You want to take time to research and craft your remarks to be memorable and full of passion:

• Excite your audience
• Thank and congratulate wholeheartedly
• Tell stories to illustrate your main points
• Relate examples to your audience’s experience at school
• Avoid platitudes and clichés
• Don’t say too much

Preview your speech with a few colleagues who will give you frank feedback. They will let you know if you have exemplified the school mission and values, or if you wandered off message or are boring. Remember, as you get started, what your purpose is and who your audience is.

Need help? These sites are real eye openers when it comes to advice on steering around overblown or stale language.