Music Lesson

Posted on Apr 28, 2016 in Blog, Musings

It’s spring, and the plants are wide awake. I believe that music helps them grow. I’m not sure exactly what my geraniums are experiencing when they’re overhearing car radios or kids singing, but at least it must be pleasant vibrations. Since we call music the universal language, I like to think of it as cosmic magnetism—pushing and pulling, harmonious to some and dissonant to others, depending on our individual differences and sensibilities. Maybe daffodils and roses hear things differently.

I’ve always been in awe of composers’ ability to write music, the most miraculous expression of creation. And I can’t stop my brain from calling up a phrase in Beethoven’s Ninth or the theme from Modern Family and playing them over and over and over in my mind till I want to laugh or scream.

Music brands the important moments in our life. It puts us right back there through some kind of mystical teleportation. Rockabye Baby. Chopsticks. Blue Suede Shoes. Auld Lang Syne. She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. Taps. All music tells a story in another dimension, touching our hearts beyond ways that words or pictures can achieve.

As communicators, we all want our work to move people, to spark a resonance that approaches the power of music. When we succeed, we should dance and applaud and swing to the rhythm of that beat. This spring get out of your office and go listen to the chorus or the third grade year-end concert—their music will make you grow, too.