Operating Statement for your Blog

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 in Blog, Fundamentals

I keep saying that schools need to have a written operating statement for their magazines. Such a document provides a rationale for this costly communication and back-up for the editor, who is likely to be pulled in different directions by multiple stakeholders. Stay on mission, stay on message.

Your blog needs an operating statement, too, assuming you are using this excellent inbound marketing tool to connect with important audiences. Here is what you need to thrash out with your communications team:

Title—what you’re going to call it

Descriptor—what it is (a supplement, not a replacement, to your marketing mix)

Mission—to position your school favorably among competitors and colleagues and address image and perception issues as discovered through anecdotal and formal market research through:

  • showcasing expertise residing in the school community
  • providing a glimpse into life at school
  • singling out noteworthy news
  • or…

Communications goals will advance—

  • Reader-centric orientation
  • Connection between communications strategy and tactics
  • Adherence to best practice and superior quality
  • Value-added content
  • Demonstration of collegiality, friendliness and generosity
  • School’s ability to stay current with educational innovation

Audiences—those you want to reach

Voice—who is the author[s]; where does content come from

Frequency—be realistic about what you can manage

Length—word count range

Measurement—data mining plan to keep you on course

Remember—stay on mission, stay on message.