Partners in Brilliance

Posted on Dec 8, 2016 in Blog, Musings
Partners in Brilliance

Wow! We are excited to be recognized twice in the inaugural year of the InspirED School Marketers Brilliance Awards. The judges awarded Gold to the Brooks School campaign microsite and Bronze for the Nightingale-Bamford campaign microsite. Especially because Cheney & Company is known for our excellence in print work, these accolades come as a happy assurance that we have navigated our way into the digital world of communication.

Of course, these projects are the result of a close collaboration between our agency creatives and the school teams. It has been our practice to serve as adjunct to school staff during the lifespan of an assignment, providing special skills that may not reside in-house or that put school staff on overload going it alone. Each situation is a little different. We love it that way and enjoy figuring out how to fit our strategy, writing and design talent to the specific requirements of our clients.

Thank you, inspirED, for initiating an award program aimed at honoring independent schools. YAY! Thank you, Brooks School partners Jim Hamilton, associate head for external affairs, Dan Callahan, director of communications, and Gage Dobbins, director of development. Thank you, Nightingale-Bamford partners Mary Richter and Jane-Garnet Brown. And especially, thank you, Maura Scully, writer, and Andrea Hopkins, designer, whose magic made these microsites come to life.

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  1. Liza Fisher Norman
    December 8, 2016

    Congratulations, Carol, on your work and your team and to your client! You are all Brilliant!


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