Foundations for the Future

The case statement is intended to provide alumni, parent and friend prospects with an overview of Fairfield Prep’s upcoming fundraising effort. Above all, the case should answer the two big “whys”: why does Prep need to raise this money, and why now?

The case brochure and supporting material is just as important for solicitors and volunteers as it is for prospects, providing a “script” that instills confidence and assures that the entire community is focusing on the same key messages.

Design and copy are built around the notion of this campaign being a “catalyst” for Prep’s growth and development, drawing inspiration from St. Ignatius’s charge to his initial band of followers: ite incendite — go set the world on fire. The document will make the case as to how this campaign will be a catalyst for Fairfield Prep in its mission of setting graduates forth into the world to be men for others.

The case statement was printed digitally and in small batches in order to easily and economically update the content throughout the lifespan of the campaign.


  • Case statement
  • Folder


  • Maura King Scully
  • Gus Powell

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