It’s a Small School that has a Big Impact on Your Life

Williams School is a small college prep coed day school serving grades 6 through 12 situated on the campus of Connecticut College in New London, CT. The goal was to develop a more strategic approach to focus and communicate the school’s brand broadly to gain greater visibility. A specific goal was to introduce the addition of sixth grade to the school.

Cheney & Company helped the school build a foundation of data on which to base a marketing communications plan for enrollment through a discovery process that involved focus groups and competitive analysis. We then developed a series of top-level messages to use as “pillars” throughout the school’s communications. The collaborative process led to producing a viewbook to use for “search” and to fulfill inquiries, with the purpose of attracting families to visit campus and the school’s website. The 5½ x 7¾ viewbook and the 6 x 9 folder are reminiscent of the school’s small size and cozy, friendly atmosphere.


  • Messaging
  • Color palette
  • Viewbook
  • 6th grade search brochure


  • Connecticut Art Directors Club—Excellence Award
  • Higher Education Marketing Report—Merit

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