Posted on Aug 3, 2017 in Blog, Fundamentals

Summer is a good time to start planning for your special events and parties in the coming school year. Your invitations should set the tone for your event AND provide the details that will be sure to attract the guests you want to come. Especially if you are working with volunteers (think reunion class chairs or gala chairs), preplanning now will let your creative juices flow and stir up excitement, and consensus, on how you want to introduce your event. Ask yourselves:

  • Who is your audience—everyone or targeted to parents, grandparents, alumni, donors, etc.
  • What is the purpose of your event—networking, family fun, fundraising, introduction to school
  • What is the nature of your event—formal or informal, entertaining or educational, seasonal or themed, unique or annual, free or fee
  • What is your budget for the invitation and how are you planning to deliver it (snail mail, email, website, social media)

Reserve school branding as your main graphic element for formal events such as baccalaureate, top donor recognition dinner, etc. Otherwise, the “flavor” of the invitation design should reflect your vision for the event and communicate that to your invitees.

In addition to your special expression of cordiality and essentials, think through what people will want to know about the event and anticipate their questions. Make it easy.

  • RSVP schedule
  • Dress
  • Parking
  • Food restrictions
  • Inclement weather
  • For more information (phone, email, website)

For hundreds of invitation ideas, get together with your team and go to Paperless Post or other invitation sites. This is the best kind of research you can do to get started.