Stay Hip—Learn How at Aim High

Posted on Jan 23, 2020 in Blog, Musings

This morning my trainer, while twisting my leg off, told me he had a disappointing date with a bougie girl. A what? I had to go to urban dictionary to find out what he was talking about. Yikes! What if our message is bougie, what if my SCHOOL is seen as bougie when we really want to be swanky?

Our audiences seem younger and younger, at least that’s what faculty and administrators can’t get over. Well, they’re not getting younger, dude, we’re getting older, and the river of youth will flow past us if we don’t keep up. Social media is not just for us posting pictures of our cats.

Like, brand is people and their experience, and we have to be able to run with their language. Come to Aim High and learn how to make your school’s message swish.